Studio Bohemo provides comprehensive project services to songwriters and musicians including arrangement, production, session players, mixing, mastering, graphic design and distribution.



Control Room (13x19), Studio (13x25), Iso Room (7x11), Loft (13x20)


Audient ASP4816 48 Channel British Analog Recording Console

Analog Media

Otari MX80 - 2" 24 Track Analog Tape Recorder w/ Dolby XP Noise Reduction,Otari MTR 90 - 1" 8 Track Analog Tape Recorder w/ Dolby XP Noise Reduction, Otari MTR12 MkII - 1/2" 2 Track Analog Mastering Tape Recorder w/ Dolby Noise Reduction, Akai MG1212 - 12 Track Recorder/Mixer, Fostex, Ampex & Teac 1/4" 2 Track Analog Tape Recorders, Zeta III Sync/controler w/ remote

Digital Media

Isochrone OCX master word clock, Lynx AES16 (32ch 24bit/192k I/O), 2 - Lynx Aurora 16 24bit/192k mastering converters, Korg 1bit/5.64Mhz Super Audio stereo DSD mastering recorder, HBB CD recorder, Alesis XT 20bit/48k 8 Track ADAT, Tascam 2 Track DAT.

Reference Monitors

PMC TB2S+ / Bryston amp, Duntech Regent / Hafler amp, Yamaha NS10M, B&W 601, Auratone cube, Grado RS2 Reference Headphones, AKG K241& K270 Studio Headphones


Neumann M149 Tube, Neumann TLM 103, Neumann KMi84 (matched pair), Neumann KM84, AKG C414 B-ULS/SS C12 Capsules (matched pair), Oktava ML-50 Ribbon (pair), Oktava MK-319, 3 - Octava MK-012, Avantone BV12 (pair), Avantone CV12 (pair), Avantone CV28 (pair), Avantone CK1 (pair), Avantone Drum Mic set, SM57's, SM58's, Audio Technica AT 4050/CM5, Audio Technica AT4033 (pair), Zaolla Silver HD microphone cables


Manley Massive Passive EQ, Manley Variable MU compressor, Manley ELOP limiter, Groove Tubes SuPre mic pre, Avalon AD2022 mic pre, 2- ELI EL8 Distressor compressors, 2-Warm Audio WA-76, TC Electronics Reverb 4000, Lexicon PCM 81, Vemona Stereo Spring Reverb, Fulltone Tube Tape Echo


Reaper, Nuendo, Sonorus DDP mastering and a toy box full of VST plugs and instruments.

Instruments & Amps

Hammond C3 organ w/122 Leslie & Speakeasy custom tube preamp, Young Chang baby grand piano, Rhodes Suitcase 73 electric piano, Fender Rhodes 73 Stage electric piano, Wurlitzer 200A electric piano, 5pc birch studio cit w/ UFIP cymbals, congas, several boutique tube guitar and bass amps.

Remote Rig

Mac Probook, Audient id22 w/ Audient ASP880 8 ch preamp and ADC

Contact & Booking

Block Rates $65hr - Includes use of the studio and equipment and one bohemian engineer/producer/musician. 50% payment upon booking is standard. Please allow for setup and teardown time and check with us about other costs/services such as piano tuning, backline requirements, session musicians, etc.

Studio Bohemo

PO Box 82 Woodsville, NH 03785 855.BOHEMIA - 855.264.3642 email: skype: studiobohemo